Topics to be covered in the Conference

  • Oxidative Stress and Associated Human Diseases;
  • Biomarkers of Oxidative Stress
  • Inflammation and immunity
  • Cancer, Cardiovascular disease, Lung diseases, Neural disorder, Diabetes, Liver disease, Digestive diseases,  Renal diseases
  • Tissue repair and remodelling

  • Redox Biology;
  • Redox Signaling
  • Redox Physiology
  • Redox Pathology & Toxicology

  • Cellular Detoxification Mechanisms

  • Chemistry of Reactive Oxygen Species

  • Radiation Biology & Radioprotectors

  • Radiosensitizers and cancer radio-  therapy

  • Nano-toxicology &  Nano-therapeutics

  • Natural and Synthetic Antioxidants/ Nutraceuticals for New Drug Development

  • Translational Antioxidant Research

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