Welcome to SFRR-India

The major aims and objectives of SFRR-India is to promote research on free radicals and antioxidants with particular reference to medical and industrial importance for the benefit of mankind. Towards these objectives it is the duty of the society to organize conferences and workshops in the national and international levels, educating policy makers and programme planners, educating health professionals and informing the public. This helps in promoting interaction between scientists working on related areas within and outside the country. It also helps to bring people working in all the five continents under one umbrella in India for the benefit of Indian scientists and research workers.

Upcoming SFRR-India Events

International Conference on “Developments In the SCience of OxidatiVE Stress and Redox Medicine” (SFRR-INDIA-DISCOVER-2024) & 18th Meeting of the Society for Free Radical Research India (SFRR-India), November 06-09, 2024, Mumbai, India