Join SFRR-India

To join SFRR-India, an esteemed society dedicated to free radical research, you can easily become a member by following a simple process. First, download the Membership form from the official SFRR-India website. Then, complete the form with accurate details and ensure that all required information is provided. Next, make the membership fee payment as mentioned in the form through a bank draft or any other specified payment method. Finally, send the filled-out form along with the payment details to the designated office of SFRR-India. Upon receipt and verification of your submission, you will be welcomed into the vibrant community of SFRR-India, where you can actively participate in advancing research and knowledge in the field of free radicals.

Send the completed form to the following address:


Dr. Dharmendra Kumar Maurya
(Treasurer, SFRR-India)
C/o Radiation Biology & Health Sciences Division
Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
Mumbai 400 085, India
Telphone: +91-22-25590407